I know, you have so many concerns about your privacy.

If you are using Paid version, be sure about us. We are not collecting any data. Even the app stats. The data which App Store collects is more than enough for us.

You can safely open any image within the GlitchPic.

GlitchPic doesn’t even connect to internet. Because we don’t need it.

But if you are using Lite version, Google can collect and show ads related to your data. We are strongly suggesting to use Paid version.

Just use the Glitch Pic and enjoy.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at



Many of our apps use advertising to provide the content free of charge. When you use these apps your device automatically sends certain information to our advertising partners Admob. This information includes, for example, the name of the app, the device type, and the advertising ID.

The information gathered is solely used to provide our advertising partners with the bare minimum of information they need to provide their services and combat click fraud. Within the EU, we serve non-personalized ads only.

AdMob is an advertising service provided by AdMob Google Inc.

Please read this overview of how they use information from sites or apps that use their services.

Personal Data collected: Unique device identifiers for advertising. For example, Google Advertiser ID or Apple ID For Advertising.

Place of processing: United States

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